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illig &illig
conceptual formation builder
art projects, architecture, cultural work


in our art work we see a significant contribution towards improving society through various acts of encouragemnet by art in context, education programs, exhibitions, hospitality, interior design, literature, performance, philosophy, poetry, political intervention, prophetic art, public art, temporaly architecture, urban design  . . .


we realize projects as following:



doing art work where work is topic


international group of artists working towards a radical widening of the conditions for art in every sphere of life 
consisting of Norman J. Baker, Yug Drobed, Herta van Loo, Doz Prim, Gretel Reldats


Norman J. Baker:
US-architect, large scale architecture, art exhibiton, urban design,
partner A-Part


concetual formation builder:
We see ourselves as conceptual formation builders, this concept being our professionas well as the result of our art-work. All our art-work could be done by thinking, singing, speaking, drawing, building, dancing, writing, cooking, eating, bubbling or anything else, but to us it is important that all we do opens new ways of thinking.


Yug Drobed:
assoziative poetry, together with Hamilton Naki founding member of A-part

music as melted architecture, member of A-part


illig & illig:
working as various persons on various projects at various places


studio for architecture, urban culture and development


Christa und Hans Klaus:
artist couple, doing discoveries and rediscouveries in public spaces, collaboraters of A-part


art activities for kids


art activities for adults only  



moKKa:mobile art and culture academy 2008-2012
constanze und norbert illig mit Kulturkoordination und VHS Worms und freien Künstlern,



Herta van Loo:
architectural cartoonist,
forms the dutch branch of a-Part with her three brothers, international artist group


Doz Prim:
working at the edge of art and science, co-founder of A-part


Gretel Reldats:
sculpture for social sculpture, part of A-part,


conversation event for a special reason


Training to accomplish creative problem solving